Motivation Video Module: A Teacher’s Perspective

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Hi everyone,

Here is my video about motivation. I tried something a little different as this video is interactive and will allow you to choose the material that you want to learn. The platform of my video wouldn’t allow me to embed the video within this post, so I have provided a link to the video. I hope you all enjoy this interactive video!

Here is the link to the video:

14 thoughts on “Motivation Video Module: A Teacher’s Perspective”

  1. Akeisha,
    Good job on your presentation. I like the fact that its a presentation on motivation but also is practicing engagement, giving me power to learn what I want to learn, which is increasing my motivation to complete the video. A critique I would have is to number the sections so students know which topic is next. I would list ALL of the topics that will be covered at every decision points. As a viewer, I found myself getting a bit lost since I couldn’t remember which topic I already listened to.
    Good job and thanks for sharing all of that good information!


  2. Hi, Akeisha,

    This is a fantastic use of your technological expertise. The use of your tech skills bolsters the information that you present. I like the interactive approach because I can easily review the information I want.

    The “3 Minute Thesis” is presented by The UA Graduate School (I think every fall semester). The preparation I experienced to present my work forced me to recite the content of my thesis out loud. I noticed that I repeated words in my topic sentences that I later went back and edited for clarity and conciseness. I made my presentation in the fall of 2013. I see the lessons I learned in preparation for the presentation today. I encourage you to enter the “3 Minute Thesis.”

    Best regards,


  3. Hi Akeisha,

    Your video was so awesome! I haven’t seen anyone record a video like this yet. Your video is so engaging and innovative. The video was extremely well-organized and I always love a good preview of what the video will contain (although I failed to do that in my own video). One of the most intriguing and creative aspects of your video was the “choose your own adventure” component. I enjoyed this so much! This is also handy for teachers who may have a good grasp of some concepts but not others. The pauses to click on items for more information helped re-direct my attention. This video could seriously be posted on a faculty resource page! If I had to choose one thing to improve or enhance the video, I would suggest spending a little more time on the strategies listed in the last section. I had to rewind and pause to take each one in fully. Great job!


  4. Akeisha:

    Great job. I’ve never seen an interactive video like this and I really enjoyed. While I could have control the flow & speed, I watched it from start to finish! I appreciated that you not only provided a thorough overview, but then supplied various corresponding strategies & examples of motivation. It’s always refreshing to be told why this subject area important to us and how we can then use/implement. My only area of feedback is to perhaps cut back on the text in the beginning. You were very thorough in your explanations, and I often found myself reading instead of listening to you (you had great things to say!). That aside, it was excellent!

    – CB


  5. Using an interactive format to create and produce your presentation on motivation through Verse was brilliant. Making the choice to have it more interactive kept the viewer actively involved in the process of watching to learn. You effectively break down what you discuss as the two most common types of motivation; extrinsic and intrinsic. You delve deeper into these by defining both and discussing a few of the types of motivation with some examples for each. Thank you…
    I’m sorry to say, I watched the video a few times and felt I missed something. too many places to click and I became confused… I’m sure I would be the exception with this… but maybe simplifying it for dummies like me might make it a little stronger.


  6. I am really impressed with what you’ve done here. I like how the viewer can pick and choose what they want to learn. I was wondering, do these strategies work for all age levels?



  7. Akeisha,

    Wonderful job. I like how you outlined the topics at the beginning of the presentation – it provided me a roadmap for the presentation. This was a really cool way to do a video – essentially allowing viewers to “choose their own adventure”.

    Motivation is such an important concept. I think as teachers, we always want our students to be motivated. We can be critical of ourselves when we feel as students are not motivated, though. It’s definitely important that we know our learners – I hope that my students are motivated. Thanks for your instructional strategies for teachers – very helpful. My favorite strategy under “Know Learners” was helping students learn to learn. I shouldn’t assume that students know how to learn (even at the collegiate level).

    Thanks for a great presentation. I’m curious – why did you choose motivation as your topic? Wondering what was your MOTIVATION for it… 😛 Cool presentation!



  8. Hi Akeisha,

    This tool is unbelievably cool. I probably watched the first graphic for far too long, but I promise I went through the rest of the content. Of course, the best thing about it is that it allows you to navigate through material in your own way. While going through this information journey, all of the information is clear and thorough.

    I think my only suggestion is to lessen the text on some of the pages. Since the slides aren’t in a timed video, it does give me an opportunity to take my time in reading the information. I found that my attention span was tested, though, because I want to read every word on the page just in case I missed something in your narration.

    This is a great presentation and something that we can go back and look at to get an overview of motivation. Thank you for putting it together!



  9. Akeisha,
    I liked that your video was interactive. It caused the viewers to not only listen and watch the video, but also engage in the presentation of the material. Good job!


  10. Akeisha,
    This is a great resource you have created for all things motivation. I really enjoyed the platform you used to create it and will have to remember it for future projects of my own. I liked how the project allowed me to go through and select the areas that I was unfamiliar with or wanted to know more information about. The only downside it that it took me a LONG time to go through all the information as I was not as aware of all the different elements of motivation. You were very thorough in the details and information provided and I am sure that I will reference it again as I work through other education classes.




  11. Akeisha,

    This approach to the video assignment was really refreshing, so thank you for branching out in your use of instructional technology.
    As far as motivation goes, this video was very useful as a supplement to Barkley’s definition of student engagement. It helped me to gain a better understanding of how different types of motivation function in the classroom, and of the strategies teachers can use to motivate students in a variety of ways. Having Barkley in mind definitely gave me a more informed perspective on the concepts you discuss here, but even without that, you organized your material in a way that was compelling and easy to follow.




  12. Your information was very well organized, and I appreciated that you set the groundwork for what you wanted us to understand and learn from the very beginning. The video seems to support application which I always enjoy. The only critique I have would be making slides visually appealing, but not distracting. Your information was so well thought out and presented that there were types that I found myself paying attending to the slide as opposed to the content, but that has nothing to do with organization. The research based strategies you provided were very helpful and helped conclude the presentation while still advocating that viewers of the presentation continue learning.


  13. Hi Akeisha,

    I really enjoyed watching and participating in your video. You clearly have a lot of computer and graphics knowledge. I really liked the interactive component of your video as well. You provide a lot of information on your topic all of which is useful for any educator or leader/supervisor in general. Utilizing a video of some sort in the middle of the presentation might have been helpful but not necessary. Overall, great job on the presentation.



  14. Akeisha,

    I really enjoyed your video. I liked that you chose a program that allowed you to provide an interactive experience for the audience. It was nice to be able to focus on topics of interests and navigate through the presentation. I would say the only critique is that this program made it difficult to stay within the time frame, but it also allowed the user to get much more information so it’s a good tradeoff overall. I think it also helps with attention spans and give you a moment as a viewer to reset and refocus. Great job!



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