Mind Map of My Teaching Personal Learning Network

Prior to this semester, I have always said that I have no intention on being a teacher. However, as I reflect on what it means to be a teacher, I have realized that within many of the positions that I have held I have already taken on the role of a teacher. When I started to think about my personal learning network (PLN), it brought me back to the first assignment for this course: writing my own teaching philosophy. As I started to think about my teaching philosophy, I realized that I wanted my PLN to reflect my definition of teaching as both a teacher and administrator.

I created my PLN using iMindMap since it was one of the available resources online. In saying this, my PLN represents a holistic view of what inform my teaching. Moreover, the holistic nature of this PLN is reflected on how the branches represent my development academically (i.e., journals, books, and curriculum), professionally (i.e., teaching as an administrator, teaching as a teacher, and internet resources), and personally (i.e., personal networks such as supervisors, faculty, doctoral students, and friends and family). My mind map can be seen below:

Akeisha's PLN